Monday, September 14, 2015

Five Animal Daoyin
Taught by Master Su ZiFang

Monday, September 21, 2015 –part 1
Monday, September 28, 2015 –part 2
10:00-11:00 a.m.

Five Animal Frolics Daoyin is an ancient practice developed by Hua Tuo, one of the most celebrated Chinese physicians who lived 1800 years ago. Daoyin literally means “guiding qi and stretching body.” The practice of Daoyin was a precursor of Qigong and was created to improve health and for spiritual cultivation.

This practice models movements from the tiger, deer, bear, monkey, and crane. The idea is not merely to mimic the external motions of the animal, but to internalize the nature of that animal. It incorporates many practices of Taiji, but in a more basic form. It invigorates the organs and soothes the nervous system, while strengthening and toning the muscles and tendons.

Each session is $20.00

Master Su is a world-renown Chinese martial artist with over 50 years of experience; she is at the highest level of the martial arts world internationally. China has named her one of the 100 Wushu living treasures, and designate her the “Queen of Taiji”. We are fortunate to have this great master teach us this unique form which for many years has been hidden.
Classes will be held at a private home in Malibu. Please call (310) 457-4819 for further information.