Friday, July 23, 2010

Doria Cook-Nelson teaches Sunday, July 24, at Heal and Soul in Encino!

Dr. Marshall Ho’o’s Stick Form -Massage Series

Drop your chores for an hour and come for an introduction dialogue and massage run-through of one of America’s first Chinese Tai Chi Chuan master’s creations,
Fast Stick Series, massage and isotonic/isometric exercises. Easy efficient meridian massage from ‘outside to in’. Warms up or cools down muscles; stimulates cardio & general circulation; has brought relief for M.S. and fibromyalgia patients

Created by Dr. Marshall Ho’o, teacher of Traditional Yang style tai chi chuan, other related internal martial arts, and various traditional temple health exercises.
He designed this form series for his patients looking for rehab and strengthening,
his martial arts students to train in weapon techniques, and his regular students for exercise and maintenance.

The late Dr Ho’o, as co-founder of the National Tai Chi Chuan Asso.(’62), hosted two of the first prominent Chinese TCC grandmasters to teach westerners. He initiated the first acupuncture research by westerners at UCLA (forerunner of today’s East West Research studies at UCLA Medical Center); appropriated legalization in California (‘70s) and co-created the first acupuncture clinics citywide in
L A, Ca. He assisted in publishing the first comprehensive internationally accepted English manual of traditional TCC studies, was founding Dean of internationally attended Aspen Academy of Martial & Healing Arts; created the southern California Bronson Park TCC practice circle (recognized for over 40 years); and spent over 20 years traveling nationally teaching health professionals and TCC instructors the correct fundamental tai chi training and Chinese health concepts

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Liangong is a complete set of therapeutic exercises
for preventing and healing pains and ailments



Class fee: $75 – reserve your space now.
Class size is limited to 8 people

Contact: 310 569 1806 or

Doria Cook-Nelson is a 30-year practitioner of Liangong and numerous other forms. Renowned as the winner of prestigious Wushu competitions as well as past president and park director of the National Tai Chi Ch’uan Association, she is an author and photographer for leading internal arts publications. Doria continues to learn from the masters and shares insights into her own teachers’ expertise at seminars and classes throughout the U.S. and abroad.